Germany stops school children at the airport – drive them to school

Germany stops school children at the airport drive them

Published 2024-02-21 23.28




full screen Children at the airport. Photo: Colourbox

Germany is cracking down on families who defy compulsory schooling and go on holiday.

Children who do not have permission from the school are stopped in the street – and driven directly to the classroom.

At the same time, the parents risk tens of thousands of kroner in fines.

The Swedish government recently announced that parents who take their children on holiday despite not having received approval from the school risk fines, which Aftonbladet previously reported on.

In Germany, they go a step further.

Police officers at airports around the country have been tasked with checking that children have been approved on their holiday applications. Otherwise, they are driven straight back to the classroom, something like German Spiegel previously wrote about.

Calling the school

Earlier in February, eight families were stopped at Memmingen airport in Bavaria, where it was found that the children were truant. Now all risk fines, states All-in.

The fine is 1,000 euros, equivalent to 11,000 kroner.

Police checks at the floating sites are carried out regularly during holiday periods. In some cases, the schools are called to check that students have permission to leave.


full screenGerman police at airport. Archive image. Photo: Michael Probst/AP