Gas, price remains below the 50 euro threshold. Nord Stream: Russia to seal gas pipelines

Gas price remains below the 50 euro threshold Nord Stream

(Tiper Stock Exchange) – Gas prices remain below the psychological threshold of 50 euros e close the octave down by 3% at 45.3 euros per megawatt hour. Meanwhile, Russia is preparing to close the Nord Stream gas pipelines which had been damaged in recent months.

According to reports from the Reuters agency, in the immediate future, in fact, there do not seem to be any plans to repair or reactivate them. The Russian giant, Gazprombuilt the gas pipelines Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2each consisting of two pipes, to pump natural gas to Germany via the Baltic Sea.

Three of the pipes were badly damaged in September by several explosions, while one of the pipes of Nord Stream 2 remained intact.