Garmin introduces its first smart sphygmomanometer

Garmin introduces its first smart sphygmomanometer

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It is one of the companies that make a lot of noise with their smart watch models and many other products. Garminthe first smart sphygmomanometer with before us.

One of the names with a very wide product range garmin, for the first time “blood pressure device” is in front of us. The device, which has a simpler and more modern design than many of its counterparts, is exactly “Garmin Index BPM Smart Blood Pressure Monitor” It has such a long name. Focusing on measurement from the arm, which gives more accurate results, not the wrist, the product can measure systolic and diastolic blood pressure, according to the statement. These are on the Wiki: explains: “The systolic value is the pressure exerted on the vessel wall by the blood rushing from the heart to the vessels when the heart contracts. The diastolic value is the pressure still present in the vessel wall when the heart relaxes.

Measurements made Syncs with the Garmin Connect mobile app, thus facilitating access to historical measurements, the product can export the results in PDF format if desired. That’s nice because doctors often ask their blood pressure patients for long-term measurements. Accordingly, the dosage of the drugs is changed or different treatments are applied.

Capable of keeping the data of 16 different people Index BPM Smart Blood Pressure MonitorIt offers a long usage time of 9 months with four AAA batteries. Of course, this time is given for 1-2 measurements per day. We expect the device, which has an international price of 150 dollars, to be sold in Turkey in the future.


In the meantime, a smart watch model that can measure blood pressure will soon be available in Turkey. Huawei Watch D This smart watch, which has the name, is a bit thick due to its structure and is very sensitive in determining blood pressure. It has a Class 2 health device certificate (imported from china) the transferred product is not only the body but also the special accompanying product during the blood pressure measurement process. he also actively uses his belt.

In the strap of the model “airbag” It has a removable partition. This airbag allows accurate results by squeezing the wrist like real blood pressure monitors. The product, which offers wrist thickness measurement on the belt in order to get the best possible blood pressure and recommends the use of airbags in different sizes accordingly, carries two different physical buttons on the side.

Huawei Watch D smartwatch that can measure blood pressure

The experience that the Huawei Watch D will offer is a matter of curiosity.

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