Garbage from the sea becomes art when World Ocean Week is celebrated in Helsingborg

Trash is floating around in Oceanhamnen, everything from plastic bottles to snuff boxes. Now Elin Gärdenfors, who is the initiator of Ocean Week in Helsingborg, wants more people to join in cleaning the harbors.

How did you come to start the initiative?

– I felt that too little was done by the politicians in creating commitment and motivation around climate issues. That’s why I pitched this idea last summer to draw attention to plastic pollution, she says.

Under the surface

And at the bottom of the sea, the situation is even worse. There, divers have found strange things to say the least.

– We find both one and the other that do not belong in the water, says freediver Patrik Berntsson.

What things have you found?

– Everything from electric scooters to almost entire garden furniture, he says.

See SVT Helsinborg’s previous report on the findings on the harbor bottom, in the player below.