Garbage chaos along the diversion route at the E6

Trucks and cars divert each other in a conflict on county road 650 where traffic is diverted after the landslide on E6 in Stenungsund. There are few places to stop on the diversion road and the pockets where two bus stops are located are filled with trucks.

– It is full of trucks both day and night, says Simone Nilsen, who lives nearby.

The landslide at E6 in Stenungsund

  • Garbage drifts onto Simone’s plot: “Disgusting”

  • SGI expert gave advice before the building that collapsed – investigates the landslide himself for the Accident Commission

  • Became a place where garbage is thrown

    Drifts of garbage, PET bottles filled with pee and even a mattress have filled the ditch along the way.

    – There are rest areas around this stretch both north and south of this road, says Anneli Amft, regional entertainment manager at the Swedish Transport Administration and continues:

    – It is a fairly short distance when it comes to this particular diversion route. We hope that you keep your rubbish and throw it in the designated place.

    The truck driver: “Tragic”

    During the next week, the Swedish Transport Administration will pick up in the area.

    – It’s tragic that it has to be like this that you throw rubbish here, says truck driver Anders Jacobson, who himself stopped in his pocket along the way.

    Have you thrown anything out here yourself?

    – No, I care about nature.