Gaming Istanbul 2023 (GIST) Week Has Arrived

Gaming Istanbul 2023 GIST Week Has Arrived

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Gaming Istanbul, also known as GIST week, has arrived. Gaming Istanbul 2023 will bring game enthusiasts together this weekend. GIST 2023, which will start on Friday, September 22, will end on Sunday, September 24.

Started to be organized in 2016 Gaming Istanbulis preparing to meet game enthusiasts once again in 2023 with its structure that grows stronger and grows every year. There are only a few days left for this year’s meeting of GIST, which has taken its place among the regulars of the gaming industry with the number of stakeholders, participants and visitors increasing exponentially from year to year.

When and Where is Gaming Istanbul 2023?

GIST 2023 will open its doors at 9 am on Friday, September 22, for participating companies with stands, their employees and Indieway ticket holders, and will say “hello” to its visitors at 10 am. GIST 2023, whose doors will be open for visitors until 8 in the evening, will continue for 3 days. Gaming Istanbul 2023will bid farewell to game enthusiasts as of Sunday, September 24th at 18:00.

GIST was held at the Istanbul Congress Center for the first 3 years since 2016, when it started to be organized, and hosted its visitors at the Eurasia Performance and Art Center in the following years; This year, like last year, Dr. Architect Kadir Topbaş Performance and Art Center will open its doors to game lovers.

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Who are the GIST 2023 Participants?

The communication sponsor of the Gaming Istanbul event, whose main sponsor is Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, is also the IBB organization Medya A.Ş. Important stakeholders of the gaming industry will also participate in the event, which has sponsors such as GameDev, YTU StartUP House, YTU GamesUP, Game Development Center OGEM, Unity, Turkpin and Samsung.

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The event, where many game developers will appear, Turkish gaming industry It has an important place among the organizations leading its development. GIST not only increases the interaction of the industry with each other, but also pioneers the discovery of new talents.

PS5 Gift at GIST 2023!

Gaming Istanbul also offers many gifts to its participants every year. This year, the bar has been raised a little more to the level of PlayStation 5 when it comes to gifts that bring excitement to its peak. According to this; Those who buy the five thousandth, ten thousandth and twenty thousandth Gaming Istanbul tickets will receive one Playstation 5 gift will be done.

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In the statement made on GIST’s social media accounts; It was stated that online ticket sales and ticket sales at the door are included in the competition and the winners will be announced on GIST’s Instagram account and their gifts will be delivered to their addresses.

About GIST

GIST, whose Project Director is Cevher Eryürek, has been bringing together the Turkish gaming industry since 2016. There has not been a year in which Gaming Istanbul, which started to be held in February 2016, was not held in 2021, except for the year it was not held due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The event, which has an increasing number of visitors almost every year, continues its development at the same pace in terms of participants and sponsors. GIST, which transforms the energy of the gaming industry into synergy, is expected to witness great enthusiasm this year as well.