Gamers put a lot of time and patience into their RGB lighting, creating an animated image and honoring a piece of video game history

One gamer showed a lot of effort and patience when putting together his RGB lighting. The built-in LEDs form an animation and thus pay tribute to a 43-year-old video game. The community is enthusiastic.

Many gamers use LED lighting in their PCs to give them the finishing touch to a cool design. The RGB lights often shine uniformly in one color or pulsate in a certain color spectrum.

What a Reddit user has now built goes far beyond the normal setup. It shows that with passion and a lot of patience you can create LED animations worth seeing. His moving image of Pac-Man amazes other players. At the same time, it’s a great way to honor one of the most famous video games in history.

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LED lighting paying homage to one of the most influential video game characters in history

What did the gamer create with his LEDs? The Reddit user shaolin95 has installed and connected LED lighting from various manufacturers in his gaming PC. Thermaltake’s View 71 case already had fans with RGB lights. He also used products from the Corsair and LED-Matrix brands.

With this combination, he managed to turn his gaming PC into a kind of small film screen. A video on his post on Reddit shows the video game character Pac-Man moving from left to right and back. The animations are based on the video game of the same name. The game was originally released in Japan in 1980 as “Puck Man” for arcade game machines.

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How did he go about this? In order to be able to control all LEDs uniformly, shaolin95 used a single program. With the help of the SignalRGB app, he was able to address all LEDs at the same time. In this way, uniform synchronization of all installed products was possible. I also watched tutorial videos to better understand how SignalRGB works.

Anyone who has ever tried to color coordinate the entire RGB lighting in their gaming PC knows how much effort can go into it. Manufacturers often provide their own software with their LED products to control the lighting. The RGB LEDs can then only be fully controlled using these manufacturer-specific tools.

How much effort did the synchronization take? The player did not provide any precise information about the time involved. But he emphasizes that he had to be patient until everything went as planned. He didn’t feel any stress. This is what he says: As if I were fiddling with a bonsai to relax.

It’s obvious that shaolin95 is a fan of tidy gaming PCs and is happy to spend the time needed for it. There are also gamers who have 17 fans in their PC and forego proper cabling.

In addition, he has already synchronized his mouse and keyboard with the LED lighting on his gaming PC. Unfortunately, he didn’t publish any pictures or videos of it. Since he finds this topic relaxing, he wants to go one step further. According to his own statement, he is now planning to equip his room with RGB lights using some products from the manufacturer Twinkly.

What does the community say about LED design? The community is enthusiastic. The comments are full of praise for his work.

  • HotMaleEmail comments via Reddit: I’m not a fan of RGB, but this is pretty darn cool. Nicely done.
  • supernewtrader writes: I didn’t even know that was possible. So cool.
  • How do you like this LED lighting? Are you also impressed or are you not good with colorful RGB lights?

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