Gamers play games on Steam more than anyone else in a lifetime

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Going 100 hours in a single game sometimes feels like an eternity. An epic adventure whose highlights may be remembered for a lifetime. However, a player on Steam ridicules 100 hours of game time with his values.

Think back to 2010, September to be exact. What has changed since then? Does your life still look like it did back then or is it like me that these two stages of life are completely different?

Now imagine that you have spent about 20% of the time since then in just one game on Steam, finished your education, went to work and slept. Of every hour of your life since 2010, you would have put about 10-15 minutes into just that one game.

That’s exactly what a player apparently did on Steam.

Civilization: Reign of Power is an upcoming MMO set in the world of Civilizations 5. Watch a trailer here:

A new civilization is called Reign of Power and will be a mix of MMO and strategy game

Since the release, “simon” has had exactly 21,167.1 hours in his Steam profile and that’s for just one game – Sid Meier’s: Civilization 5 (as of: 01/22/23 / via And he’s not through with it yet. In the past 2 weeks, another 9.8 hours have been added.

With almost 10 hours, the usual playing time quota went down, but even in 10 hours of Civilization in 2 weeks you can experience a lot in the game. Incidentally, according to a study, simons should be an excellent manager.

The player attracted attention with this outstanding playing time due to a review written by simon on 12/31/22 – after more than 880 days of playing time. These ratings are displayed on the store pages of the respective games along with the game time. Here it says:

It was ok for the first 20,000 hours…

Even if the rating is short and probably not meant to be taken seriously – the incredible playing time alone provided a lot of support from the community. The post is brimming with badges left by other players on the short line.

I can’t keep up with my paltry 200 hours in Civilization 5. Destiny 1 was the biggest time waster in my life so far with a good 4,000 hours. However, I did it within 2 years and during my studies – the quota at the time was very similar to that of simon.

But I couldn’t have done it for 12 years. What a crazy achievement! In addition, in a game that is neither an MMORPG nor takes a live service approach.

Even if you play 400 hours a day for 50 years, you’ll only just get the playing time of simon.

How about you? Which game is most important to you in terms of playing time, which one would you have liked to have played for so long? leave a comment

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