Gamer spends 3,200 euros on games on Steam that he can no longer play

A gamer has made it his mission to get banned in games on Steam. He doesn’t cheat to win, but collects bans. To achieve his goal of 200 exclusions, he has already spent 3,200 euros.

Cheaters and hackers are a disruptive group in video games today, just as they once were. They use unfair means to win. They don’t know fair play and spoil other players’ fun.

Now a player has become known on Steam who belongs to the group of cheaters, but has a completely different goal. The user Xeonir uses cheats to intentionally get caught.

This is how he collects bans for games he has purchased on Valve’s platform. For his project, he has already invested 3,200 euros in titles that he can no longer play.

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Gamer spends 3,200 euros to get banned in games

What does the gamer do? At first glance, Steam user Xeonir is no different from other players. He buys various titles on the platform and plays them. The big difference lies in the personal goal he pursues.

He prefers to play first-person shooters and wants to force his ban on games by using cheats. Xeonir hopes to be caught by the game developers’ anti-cheat systems for his cheating.

He has so far spent 3,200 euros on his special hobby. An attempt to get the money back or have the purchased games reactivated through Steam support would probably be unsuccessful. In this case, perhaps he could contact Gabe Newell directly and ask for help.

Why is he doing this? While most cheaters cheat in games to win or spoil other players’ fun, Xeonir simply enjoys collecting bans.
In an email interview on he said:

For me, collecting bans is just a form of entertainment and a kind of challenge.

His specific goal is a total of 200 bans from games he purchased on Steam. Xeonir differentiates between the type of lock. He wants to reach 100 bans through Valve’s VAC anti-cheat system itself.

Because VAC seems to work as reliably as the Steam Guard security system, which prompted the Valve CEO to reveal his account details some time ago.

Another 100 bans will be added through the individual systems of other manufacturers. According to him, it is more difficult to get banned here than in games that use VAC. Therefore, he regularly contacts the game developers and offers to block them in the titles.

Was he successful? Xeonir continued to be diligent in his efforts and has now reached his self-imposed target of 200 exclusions. In the worldwide leaderboard on he is now the undisputed number one with the most (VAC) bans on Steam.

His path there was not easy. He received many derogatory reactions to his unusual hobby on his Steam profile and also from various developers. Now that he has achieved his goal, the next thing he wants to do is look for something new in making music that fulfills him.

After the 200 bans on Steam, Xeonir wants to find fun in music. Maybe cooking would also be a way for him to pursue a less expensive hobby. Steam boss Gabe Newell shows how it’s done: The boss of Steam is the inspiration for a kitchen appliance that costs 230 euros – Gabe Newell even stars in a commercial