Galaxy Watch FE may come as Galaxy Watch 4 (2024)

Claim Galaxy Watch 7 Pro can carry a full 600

Galaxy Watch 7 As new information continues to come for the series, recently Galaxy Watch FE had come to the fore. This model is on the market Galaxy Watch 4 (2024) under the name removable.

Samsung, which sells price-performance focused smartphones under the name “FE”, will soon launch an affordable smartphone. Samsung Galaxy Watch FE It was said that the model would be introduced to the market, but this watch is not available today. Galaxy Watch 4 (2024) It was said that it would bear his name. This lower-level smart watch, which is reported to be released to global markets and will not be exclusive to Korea, is built directly on the Galaxy Watch 4, other than that, no details are known yet. At this stage, the model is only Google Wear OS It is thought that it will be based. Currently in the claim phase but on the way Galaxy Watch 7 Pro smart watch model full 600mAh It may come with a battery of capacity. If this is true Wear OS The model, which will break a record within hours, can provide a very high lifespan in conjunction with its large battery.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 The smart watch series will consist of three different versions in total, according to previously obtained information and These versions will most likely be powered by the new Exynos W940 processor based on 3 nm.. It is reported that this processor is 30 percent faster and 50 percent more efficient, and for the official promotion, it is available for all new devices. to july is pointed out. resources Samsung is also making a change regarding the model number of the smart watches, which it states will come with 32 GB internal storage space, not 16 GB like the current models. It is said that the watches are SM-L300, SM-L305, SM-L310, SM-L315, SM-L700 And SM-L705 It is on the road with its model numbers. On the software side, the watches, which will be based on Wear OS and One UI Watch, are not yet known how they will look, but they will soon be presented with their real designs.