Gaëlle Pietri: Gaspard Ulliel’s companion had posted a video of their son Orso before the tragedy

Gaelle Pietri Gaspard Ulliels companion had posted a video of

GAELLE PIETRI. This Wednesday, January 19, Gaspard Ulliel died following a skiing accident. His partner, Gaëlle Pietri, had posted a video of their son Orso skiing a week ago on social networks…

[Mis à jour le 19 janvier 2022 à 20h37] The death of Gaspard Ulliel, illustrious actor of French cinema, at the age of 37, shocked the world of the big screen, this Wednesday, January 19, 2022. As tributes multiply, the circumstances of his death focus attention . While skiing on a blue slope in the ski resort of La Rosière, in Savoie, Gaspard Ulliel reportedly hit another skier. The French actor was not wearing a helmet according to information from BFM TV. In a press release, the Albertville prosecutor, Anne Gaches, indicated: “It appears from the first testimonies and the observations made on the spot that the two skiers both fell to the ground. When the help arrived, Mr. Ulliel was motionless, unconscious in the snow.” The other skier emerged unscathed from this accident.

It is not yet known if his companion Gaëlle Pietri and their son Orso accompanied Gaspard Ulliel on the day of the accident, but Paris Match writes that “Gaspard Ulliel was in the mountains with his family” and that “like his parents, the little boy [Orso – NDLR] inherited a passion for sliding sports”. Gaëlle Pietri, the actor’s partner, had posted seven days ago on her Instagram account a video of the young boy, aged 6, in the train to descend a snowy slope on his birthday.

The video posted by Gaëlle Pietri

Gaspard Ulliel’s accident is the subject of an investigation opened by the Albertville prosecutor’s office. The actor was transported an hour after the accident to the University Hospital Center of Grenoble and was hospitalized in emergency in the “shock removal unit” reports the Dauphine Libere.

Who is Gaëlle Pietri, the companion of Gaspard Ulliel?

Gaëlle Pietri is a model from Corsica, born a few kilometers from Porto-Vecchio. Recruited very young by the Elite agency in the 2000s, she has since mainly appeared in commercials (Garnier, Bourjois, Nivea, or even Carte Noire). The supermodel now works for the Metropolitan agency, one of the most important modeling agencies in the world, founded in 1986 by Michel Levaton.

At Corse Matin in 2011, Gaëlle Pietri indicated that she also had projects “rather oriented towards music”. The “realization of a solo album” was then mentioned. Her relationship with Gaspard Ulliel was formalized at the end of 2013.

A son named Orso in 2016

Gaëlle Pietri and Gaspard Ulliel gave birth to a son, Orso, a little over two years later, in 2016. An event which had prompted the actor to reduce the pace of his filming. “It’s a huge upheaval […]. What was extremely important yesterday seems trivial today. Fatherhood brings you back to something very concrete, fills a void you didn’t necessarily know about, gives you a reason to live,” the actor said. Madame Figaro a few months after the happy event.

Gaëlle Pietri reserves her public appearances for a strictly professional setting and rarely appears with her family or even alongside Gaspard Ulliel, except in 2013, on the occasion of the Marrakech festival or in 2015, during the 40th awards ceremony. Caesars. However, she regularly posts images of her daily life with her son (hiding her face) on social networks. She has not yet commented on the accident.