Gabriel Attal reveals the contours of the presidential majority campaign

Gabriel Attal reveals the contours of the presidential majority campaign

Responsible for leading the decisive campaign for the legislative elections of June 30 and July 7, Prime Minister Gabriel Attal will unveil the program of the presidential majority at the beginning of next week. In the press this Sunday, he outlines the outlines of a campaign centered on purchasing power, the primary concern of the French.

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The Prime Minister Gabriel Attal wants to appear credible in the face of opposition that he considers unreasonably expensive. Gabriel Attal develops what already exists. Like the tax-free bonus in business, the ceiling of which he wants to increase to 10,000 euros per year, compared to 3,000 currently.

It also warms up the previously made promise to cut the price of electricity by 15% next year, although it will increase from July. In a gesture addressed to the most disadvantaged French people, it also offers group purchases of school supplies or the creation of complementary public health coverage at 1 euro per day.

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The spirit of “at the same time” by Emmanuel Macron

A nod also to the left-wing electorate, particularly coveted and attached to ecology, with the doubling of sales of electric cars in leasing. Finally, this time, for the right, there is no shortage of talk about fighting against youth violence with a reduction in the minority excuse for minors guilty of repeated aggravated violence.

This program, which remains to be detailed – and financed – takes up the spirit of “at the same time” ofEmmanuel Macron. In the difficult position of responsible Prime Minister, he will have to convince a wary public and face the virulent criticism of the oppositions.

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