Gabon once again modifies its constitutional charter

Gabon once again modifies its constitutional charter

Friday evening, after a day of debate, parliamentarians meeting in extraordinary session voted for a new reform of the constitutional charter to allow the appointment of a Minister of Defense and Security. In the previous version, the president of the transition occupied this position.

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The offices of the Assembly and the Senate adopted a new article 35 to the constitutional charter of Gabon put in place by the putschists after the fall of President Bongo. The transitional president no longer has a ministerial portfolio.

This vote therefore puts an end to a contradiction which had lasted for weeks. In fact, the text said that the general Brice Oligui Nguemapresident of the transition, was also minister of Defense and Security. However, for several weeks, a Minister of Security and a Minister of Defense have been appointed to the government.

A total mess »

Hearing, the Minister of Institutional Reform was put under the grill. “ Power violates its charter. We can’t play the role of firefighter every time. “, confided an exasperated participant. The parliamentarians also asked to re-examine the entire text to avoid further tinkering.

An imbroglio castigated by Me Anges Kevin Zigou. He had referred this matter to the Constitutional Court. The lawyer denounces “ a total mess “. “ The president is surrounded by lawyers, how could they make such a basic mistake? », he asks.

Some also suspect a maneuver. The charter prohibiting ministers from being presidential candidates. By abandoning his portfolios, General Oligui Nguema is preparing his candidacy? “ I do not believe it. The future national dialogue will lead to a new constitution and an overhaul », Confides an MP.

Another change in article 35: the head of state is chosen for the entire transition. Thus, parliamentarians wanted to avoid instability. “ Power drives people crazy and whets appetites. If there is dissension, the military will not be able to change president », Explains a parliamentarian.