G Spot story! Point A for mind-blowing orgasm

G Spot story Point A for mind blowing orgasm

Everyone has heard of the tricky area known as the G-spot and how it can trigger jarring orgasms. Many people have a hard time finding the magic spot and instead rely on the clitoris to trigger their happy ending. However, there are a few other points you should be aware of, including the so-called ‘A-point’.

You probably haven’t heard of point A until now. However, one TikTok user claimed that the key to reviving sex life is through point A. User Alice Williams told TikTok followers what point A, which she called the pleasure pocket, is and where it is.


Alice Williams in the video she shared, “Did you know that women have point A? Point A, known as the anterior fornix erogenous zone, is in the vagina between the cervix and the bladder. By applying pressure to the innermost point of the vagina, point A can cause sudden wetness when stimulated.”

Thus, arousing point A, he suggested that even women struggling to ‘get wet’ can experience very fast and effective sex.

Williams continues in the video, “Stimulating point A can also trigger orgasm, and unlike the clitoris, you won’t experience post-orgasmic tenderness so you can go over and over again. Because the spot is located in the same area as the male prostate, it is also called the female degenerate prostate.” Users who watched the short clip were stunned.