Future Xbox games for PlayStation 5 and Switch announced

Future Xbox games for PlayStation 5 and Switch have been announced. It has been known before that these games will cross borders. was leaked.

The following games will also be playable on rival platforms on the shared dates:

-Pentiment – ​​February 22 for PS4, PS5 and Switch
-Hi-Fi Rush – March 19 for PS5
-Grounded – April 16 for PS4, PS5 and Switch
-Sea of ​​Thieves – April 30 for PS5

A lot of announcements have been made for the Xbox side these days. For example, it was said that boxed game sales will continue today. In other words, people will continue to buy games on physical discs for their Xbox consoles for a while, and there will be no transition to a completely digital era yet. This is important because, especially in markets such as the USA, there are still Boxed game sales are at very high levels.


Before this, Phil Spencer, Sarah Bond and Matt Booty came together and made the following announcements:

-Microsoft, It has confirmed that it will also bring some Xbox/PC games to PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. (The above development was first explained here.)

-Xbox Game Pass series total It reached 34 million subscribers. The company has not announced an official number for a long time.

-Popular Diablo IV It was announced that the game will come to Xbox Game Pass on March 28.

It was said that the new generation Xbox console would make a huge technical leap. Since the console is still far away, no additional details were given on this subject. Stating that it will make a hardware update for Series X before the end of 2024, Microsoft also opened the door for a portable gaming device, but did not say “we are definitely doing it.”

-A part of Apple’s EU-centered changes Xbox Cloud Gaming “iOS” app will not be available.

A previous update regarding Xbox made a splash. iOS And Android offered for phones Xbox applications literally become controllers within the scope of this update. In this way, the interface of the connected console or the games opened on the console, It can be controlled directly from phones (tablets are also in the process) without the need for any Bluetooth controller..

Of course, a touch screen will be used in the control process (like the one offered by Cloud Gaming), although this may not be ideal for most people, it will please some. The feature, which has been in beta testing for a while, It started to be made available to everyone with the “February Update” that started to be sent today.

By the way, with this latest update, a new calibration tool and the access restriction option have been introduced. In addition, a better filtering experience for games and applications on the home screen is among the innovations in the update notes.