Fully developed fire in industry in Värmbol in Katrineholm

Several people alerted SOS Alarm after black smoke was seen in the sky during Monday evening. Emergency services, police and ambulance rushed to the scene.

– The large building contains, among other things, batteries and it will be completely destroyed, says Lennart Ågren, officer on duty at the rescue service.

In an adjacent building there were mobile homes and trucks – which the emergency services managed to save.

Is there any risk of explosion?

– I have not received any reports about it, says Lennart Ågren.

According to the medical services on site, no one was injured in the fire.

VMA was issued

During the evening, an important notice to the public, VMA, was also issued, but the warning was removed at 21.30.

A forecast for when the fire may be out is set for 00:30.

The police are looking for witnesses

According to the police’s press spokesperson, Johnny Gustavsson, the police have not found any natural cause for why the fire started.

– The preliminary investigation manager on duty has opened a preliminary investigation into public-dangerous devastation, says Johnny Gustavsson.

The police are also interested in observations from the scene.

– If you have seen something before and at the beginning of the fire, you are welcome to contact us, says Johnny Gustavsson.

Hear the rescue manager talk about the work at the site

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“We have managed to save some trucks and mobile homes” – hear the rescue leader tell more about the extinguishing work. Photo: Robin Hult/SVT

Listen, it started burning on Monday night. Photo: Mapcreator