FullSix, half-yearly with a loss. Evaluate partner entry

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(Finance) – FullSixan Italian digital marketing and technology company listed on Euronext Milan, closed the first semester of 2022 with a net result attributable to the group negative for 1,788 thousand euro (with an incidence on net revenues equal to -69%). The examination of the income statement shows an overall decrease in net revenues compared to the same period of 2021, for 187 thousand euros (-6.7%). The result from current operations is negative and equal to 622 thousand euros, while EBITDA is negative and equal to 802 thousand euros.

As of June 30, 2022 the Total consolidated financial debt it is negative and equal to € 5,575 thousand, an increase of € 667 thousand compared to 31 December 2021, when it was € 4,908 thousand.

The board of directors reviewed and updated the strategic guidelines of the group’s business plan. The current majority shareholder Orizzonti Holding gave willingness to reduce their participation in the parent company FullSix to encourage the entry of synergistic industrial and financial partners.