Fuels: how prices have soared since this summer

Fuels how prices have soared since this summer

Gasoline is once again close to two euros per liter. According to the latest price readings-carburant.gouv.fr, the website for monitoring prices at the pump, the SP95-E10 reached 1.94 euros per liter on average (including tax) on September 8, the latest reading to date. As for diesel, it is barely more advantageous at 1.88 per liter on average.

To deal with this almost continuous increase since June, the government announced on Monday September 18 that it would give distributors the possibility of selling at a loss from December, a measure in addition to the price cap. at 1.99 euros per liter at TotalEnergies stations and the numerous “fuel at cost” operations organized by supermarkets.

But why such an explosion in resort prices, which is reminiscent of the second half of 2022, when prices regularly broke the symbolic barrier of two euros per liter?

First of all, these price increases are linked to the desire of producing countries, including Saudi Arabia and Russia, which have drastically reduced their exports. The other complementary explanation is the increase in the prices of bioethanol, used in the production of SP95-E10, among other things because of the war in Ukraine. Furthermore, the margins of certain distributors are still at a high level: in May 2023, a consumer association even accused them of having brought their margin from 17-18 cents per liter to 27 to 29 cents since the beginning of the year.