FS Logistics Hub: new green trucks for intermodal services from the first to the last mile

FS Logistics Hub new green trucks for intermodal services from

(Finance) – The new ones are on the road truck green of the Logistics Hub of the FS Group. Low emission vehicles for end to end transport, in order to offer intermodal services from the first to the last mile thanks to the synergy between iron and rubber. The new 10 trucks, made up of tractors and semi-trailers, were purchased by Mercitalia Shunting & Terminal, a company of the Logistics Hub, and are added to the owned fleet of 9 tractors and trailers for road train composition, acquired with the Autamarocchi company branch.
The purchase of the new vehicles is part of the Industrial Plan of the Logistics Hub to increase the self-production of green road transport services, increasing intermodality and contributing to Sustainable Development Goals of the FS Group.

“The integration of the new trucks within our fleet allows us to take another step towards offering our customers end to end transport services, from the first to the last mile, with a synergistic action between iron and rubber” he declares Sabrina De FilippisCEO of Mercitalia Logistics.

The Logistics Hub’s trucks have low emissions and introduce the possibility of using fuels produced from renewable sources. Furthermore, they are attentive to people’s safety thanks to technological driving assistance systems and connectivity.