​Frida Karlsson’s face impaled by a stick: “Blood gushed”

​Frida Karlssons face impaled by a stick Blood gushed

Frida Karlsson won her 10th World Cup race when she sprinted home in the mass start in Canmore on Sunday. The day before had Maja Dahlqvist claimed a second place in the sprint.

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But the two Swedes were also involved in a bloody incident during a training session earlier this week.

Maja Dahlqvist: “A bloodbath”

It was during sprint training that Frida Karlsson got Maja Dahlqvist’s stick straight in the face.

– A bloodbath. Then I got a bit of a stomach ache and a guilty conscience. It was a small rescue operation, but thank God it looked worse than it was, says Maja Dahlqvist to The Express.

According to Frida Karlsson, they are both still good friends, despite the harsh treatment.

– Yes. This is the kind of thing that happens when it’s bone skating and everyone just cranks the poles, she tells the newspaper.

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