Frida Karlsson now confirms what everyone thinks about Therese Johaug’s big comeback to cross-country skiing again: “Now she is…”

Therese Johaug has made a comeback on the ski slopes.
And she showed the entire skiing world how superior she still is.
Now Frida Karlsson says what everyone is thinking about the Norwegian ski queen.

After months of speculation then returned Therese Johaug this past weekend to cross-country skiing again. The Norwegian skiing queen stepped into the Norwegian championships and completely outclassed all skaters.

Johaug’s comeback

The 35-year-old showed no signs of having been away for two years and was completely superior in the comeback. The Norwegian won the race by a full two minutes and 49 seconds ahead of the runner-up and is now sending a big threat to the rest of the competitors.

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220312 Therese Johaug of Norway celebrates after competing in Women’s Cross Country Skiing 10 km Free Technique interval start during the FIS Cross-Country World Cup on March 12, 2022 in Falun. Photo: Johanna Lundberg / BILDBYRÅN / code JL / JL0250

But there are still doubts whether Johaug will actually return to cross-country skiing seriously, she still hasn’t made a decision on whether she wants to aim for the 2025 World Ski Championships in Trondheim. The Swedish skiing star Frida Karlsson saw what happened this weekend and now says what many are thinking about Johaug’s return.
“Impressed but not surprised! Now she’s a favorite again, hehe,” writes Karlsson in a text message to SVT.

“It’s great”

Also the SVT expert Anders Blomquist is extremely impressed by what Johaug showed in his first real competition in two years.
– She has trained well, but she has not been close to what she did when she was at her best this last year. But this is top world class, says “Blomman” to the TV channel.
– It is possibly an Ebba Andersson in super shape, it is possibly a Frida Karlsson in super shape, possibly (Jessie) Diggins in super shape who can match her. This is superb.

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240309 Ebba Andersson of Sweden and Frida Karlsson of Sweden after women’s 50 km classic technique mass start during the FIS Cross-Country World Cup on March 9, 2024 in Oslo. Photo: Jon Olav Nesvold / BILDBYRÅN / COP 217 / JE0077

Blomquist believes that the chances are very good that the Norwegian skiing queen chooses to start a one hundred percent investment in cross-country skiing again. But there is one detail that will be absolutely decisive for Johaug’s decision.
– I think the chance is much greater now. Because if she wants to go back, then she will do it to win a WC gold, anything else is completely uninteresting to her. She has to feel that it is possible, but I also think she should value. She has a small child at home. Is it worth it?, says the skiing expert in his analysis.
– Because it’s not just about competing, she knows what she has to do this coming year. So the chance has increased but I don’t think it’s definitely decided. But if I had to guess, she will try.

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