Fresh information has arrived for the new Apple Watch operating system watchOS 10

Fresh information has arrived for the new Apple Watch operating

Apple watchOS 10 LOG Design

New Apple Watch OS watchOS 10 Fresh information has arrived. The release is a major design update will bring.

Apple’s WWDC 2023 within the scope of the activity iOS, watchOS, macOS, iPadOS and tvOS New versions of operating systems such as The new Apple Watch operating system to be unveiled at the event watchOS 10, According to Mark Gurman, a solid source for Apple, it will bring along great innovations in terms of interface design. According to the latest allegations, Apple, which is reported to have done important work on updating the interface that has not changed for a very long time, will put “widgets”, that is, “widgets”, at the center of the new version. You can see it in the gallery above. Siri clock interface The new interface, similar to the quoted toolkit it brings to mind, allows people to will allow him to have information on a lot of subjects at a glance. In the new interface, Apple will focus on enabling people to navigate between widgets for activity tracking, weather, stock market information, calendar appointments and more, rather than launching different applications. Claiming that it will also offer new assignments for physical buttons, Apple, with the new version, does not keep Apple Watches as on the iPhone side. away from private or separate application infrastructure. Alongside the design update, it will bring some new features. watchOS 10 operating systemwill definitely introduce new watch interfaces.


So what do we know for iOS 17, the most important of WWDC 2023? Although the iOS 17 operating system does not include a major innovation like last year’s renewed lock screen, a few “BeautifulIt is claimed to have ” feature. code name “Dawn” The new operating system, which is reported to be it will bring some of the features it has long requested looks like. The latest details shared by Gurman about the operating system directly here is in our article. Apple, which has been criticized for a long time on the basis of software, despite the last details In 2023, it will not make the big software-oriented breakthrough that users expect. The company, which has angered people with the many problems it has experienced with iOS 16 and cannot fully solve many problems despite many updates, has to establish a much more stable software infrastructure and it seems that a different approach is needed for this.

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