French army: a wartime budget

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The envelope of the military programming law swells by a third and will reach 413 billion euros over seven years, announced Emmanuel Macron on the occasion of his wishes to the armies last Friday. This is the largest budget ever devoted to the armies since General De Gaulle decided to equip France with nuclear weapons in the 1960s.

However, there is “only what is necessary” in this project assured the Head of State. The war in Ukraine has accelerated awareness: some French army equipment is old and no longer suitable. There are therefore urgent purchases to plan for, but also unavoidable expenses such as nuclear deterrence. The Head of State also wants to develop cyber defense and military intelligence. What will be the priorities? What French army is taking shape for tomorrow with this budget? These are the questions we ask ourselves this evening in Décryptage.

With our guests :

Sylvie Matellyeconomist and deputy director of Iris

General Jerome Pellistrandieditor-in-chief of the journal National Defense