Free Games of the Week at Epic Games Available – February 9

Free Games of the Week at Epic Games Available

Epic Games, which offers different games to its subscribers for free every week, is giving away two games for the week of February 8 – 15. One of the games is a horror role playing game Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! while the other one is an RPG Rogue-Lite game. Lost Castle. The free games of the week at Epic Games have been made available and next week’s gift game has been announced. Here are the details…

Free Games of the Week Are Available at Epic Games

The free games selected for this week by Epic Games, the digital game distribution platform and Steam’s main rival, are now available. Epic Games subscribers Between 8 – 15 February Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! and Lost Castle to their library for free. One of these games is Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! While it is an action RPG game, we can say that Lost Castle is a popular horror role-playing game.

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Games that are free for 1 week on Epic Games Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!‘s Steam price is around $11.24. Lost Castle price It is around $4 with a 60 percent discount on Steam. Once you add the games offered for free on the platform to your library, you now have the right to play that game for free whenever you want. The fierce competition between Epic Games and Steam platforms turns into special advantages for subscribers, and this competition pleases the most users. Alright Epic Games free games Let’s explain how to download it…

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How to Download a Free Game from Epic Games?

Downloading games for free from Epic Games can be done very easily. To download free games, go to the Epic Games official website and log in to your user account. To benefit from free games, you must be a member of Epic Games. After logging into the user account, go to the relevant game and click the “download” button is clicked. In this way, the game will be added to your library and you can play the game for free as long as you do not close your account.

Epic Games’ Free Game to Be Available on February 15 Has Been Announced

In addition to the games mentioned above, the free game that Epic Games will make available next week has also been announced. Epic Games subscribers The next game that can be downloaded for free has been announced as Dakar Desert Rally. Dakar Desert Rally, a racing game, is currently 390 TL on Epic Games. of the game steam price is around $21.69.

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Released in 2022 Dakar Desert Rally, developed by Bigmoon Entertainment and published by Saber Interactive. Game; It was released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox X, Xbox S Series and Microsoft Windows platforms. Dakar Desert Rally racing is included in the categories of simulation game, sports game and racing game.