Fredrik Jensen was already leaving the top club when he got another chance – the result was a convincing first season in the Bundesliga

Fredrik Jensen was already leaving the top club when he

Huuhkajat will meet Romania at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium on Friday at 21:45. The broadcast on TV2 and Areena starts at 21:00.

The matches of the Finnish men’s national football team in the Nations League continue today with a home match against Romania. The head coach Markku Kanervan the named team has many newcomers, but also Huuhkaji returnees.

One of the new old names is the excellent early season German Bundesliga club Augsburg played Fredrik Jensen.

Jensen, 25, suffered an injury in the spring, but he was not selected for the June games due to not playing.

– We haven’t played a single second since Christmas, so I went into this season with a pretty open mind that anything could happen, Jensen admits.

Jensen, originally from Porvoo, moved to the German club in 2018 from Dutch Twente on a five-year contract. Jensen has suffered from injuries in his career, but last spring’s absence was not due to them. Jensen was practically dropped from the representative team.

– Futaaja always wants to play. If you just train, it doesn’t really make sense. I can just as well go back to Futura in Porvoo, I’d probably have harder training there, Jensen throws.

He was already changing scenery, but then Augsburg’s head coach changed. Enrico Maaße arrived from Dortmund’s reserve team and gave the Finn a chance.

– We pretty much started from scratch. Our coach hadn’t seen me play in over six months. That was basically a good thing too, I was like a new player to him. He told me pretty quickly that he wants me to stay. If only the body stays in shape, there will certainly be minutes.

– The training season went well, I got responsibility. I’ve always known that I’m a good shooter, but you have to get minutes to be able to show it somehow. When the minutes came, I got the feeling again that it was futaaja. From the beginning of the season, I was able to score a couple of goals, Jensen said.

Jensen succeeded in scoring Lukas Hradecky against Bayer Leverkusen in mid-August. However, the Finnish keeper was suspended due to the red card he received in the previous match, and therefore was not in Leverkusen’s goal. Augsburg won the match 2–1.

In the cup match against Lohne, Jensen assisted one goal and scored another himself.

Currently, the team is eleventh in the series, but just before the national team break, the German giant Bayern Munich fell 1–0.

– After all, it’s always bonus points. If we played a hundred times against Bayern, we would probably lose 99 times. But it was a day where we got the one goal we wanted and defended that win. Bayern didn’t like scoring and our goalkeeper played the game of his life.

While the younger brother Fredrik Jensen was away from the national team, the older brother made his debut Richard Jensen, 26, in the national team. Toppari Jensen was supposed to debut in the national team already in the spring, but due to an injury, the debut was postponed. In June’s League of Nations, Jensen was the starter in the last three matches.

– I was satisfied with my own performances, but the last two games were in the teeth, and we couldn’t win. There must be a clear improvement during this camp, big brother Jensen talked.

Back in the spring, Jensen played in the second highest league level in Holland, but in the summer he moved to the ranks of Górnik Zabrze, who play in the Polish main league. The new club has suited the Finn well.

– Our games have gone well and we have a young German coach who actually plays somewhat in the same style as the national team. The series is really physical and very even. Poland has fanatical fans, that’s pretty sweet. And you can finally feel the pressure of the main series.

The Jensen brothers are now together for the first time in the A national team. According to the younger Jensen, the national team command also knows closer togetherness than at any time in the last two years.

– In the summer, I was away for a couple of weeks during the European Championships, and last summer “Rike” was here for a long time with the national team. We haven’t spent this much time together in two or three years. But it feels quite normal, we spent so long together, first in Porvoo in the club team. Then Rike left for Holland and I followed.

Fredrik Jensen admits that playing together in the A national team has been a dream of the duo for a long time.

– Of course, it has been our dream for a long time. I hope we can get to the field at the same time. However, the team’s success comes first. The most important thing is that we get three points.

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