François Jenny and Marine Barbarit, the timeless art of politics

Francois Jenny and Marine Barbarit the timeless art of politics

In his ” Politicians’ Breviary “, Cardinal Mazarin explains all the tricks to gain access to power and stay there. A 17th century text that resonates again and again with today’s world. Accompanied by Marine Barbarit, François Jenny plays it on the stage of the Théâtre des Déchargeurs until November 26 and highlights the timelessness of this cynical vision of politics.

We knew Jules Mazarin as a cardinal and as a politician. He was, it should be remembered, the prime minister of Louis XIII, the godfather of the future Louis XIV, and the true holder of power under the regency alongside Queen Mother Anne of Austria until 1661.

A shrewd politician, who wrote a pamphlet entitled ” Politicians’ Breviary », which allows him today – more than 300 years after his death – to become a playwright, thanks to a white clown in a suit and tie and his servant who does not say a word.

From this work of often wise and sometimes cynical advice, François Jenny has created a show that reveals through words and bodies how power is conquered and exercised. And it is clear that several centuries later, it is still as topical.

“Politichien” is playing at the Théâtre des Déchargeurs from Wednesday to Saturday until November 26th. Francois Jenny and Marine Barbarit are guests of VMDN.

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