Franck Bouysse, writing between dog and wolf

Franck Bouysse writing between dog and wolf

With ” The populated man Franck Bouysse returns with a bewitching new novel with almost metaphysical mysteries. A book on creation that immerses the reader in a silent, disturbing atmosphere, filled with memories and presences.

It’s one of those novels that, when you close it, leaves you a little dazed. A story that resonates with you for a long time. One of those novels that you read in apnea, and that you want to reread furiously to grasp its mysteries, which means diving into the mist.

The winter mist of a snowy village, whose silence is sometimes disturbed by mysterious creaks and disturbing cries. The slightly sticky haze of painful memories, populated by ghosts impossible to drive away, forbidden loves or secrets too heavy to bear. The opaque mist that penetrates to the depths of beings, and that hinders a quest for a self that we guess plural.

“Populated Man” the new novel by Frank Bouysse is published by Albin Michel editions.

Reportage : Until October 16, an exhibition is being held in Madrid at the National Archaeological Museum which shows the great proximity throughout history between the two shores of the Mediterranean, and more specifically between present-day Spain and Morocco. In total, 335 pieces date from prehistoric times to the 17th century. The exhibition is called ” Around the Pillars of Hercules which, mythologically, are located on the Strait of Gibraltar. Our reporter Francois Musseau we visit it.