France offered Leijon a shock treatment – even Jukka Jalone was surprised in the substitution box

France offered Leijon a shock treatment even Jukka Jalone

The Lions had a hard time against France in the World Hockey Championships. Finland had to defend its narrow lead until the end.

The Finnish men’s national ice hockey team was in trouble against France at the World Ice Hockey Championships in Tampere.

Leijonat beat France after a tight game with goals 5–3. Finland scored its last goal into an empty net.

After three tough matches, France had to be a significantly easier opponent for the Lions than before. However, France offered Leijon shock treatment right from the start.

We only had time to play the game for a good minute, when Florian Chakiachvili surprised Emil Larmin from a small angle. Finland quickly got level after less than five minutes Harri Pesonen on goal, but the game was messy.

The lions didn’t get to the top places, but mostly rolled in the corners. Even two superior forces did not produce results. They were tight.

Chains of threes and fours were responsible for the lions’ successes at the beginning of the game. At the beginning of the second period Ahti Oksanen scored his first career World Cup goal with a wonderful wrist shot into the roof of the goal. You recorded the pass point in the goal Marko Anttila.

France’s 2-2 draw, seen later, was based on television images Even Jukka Jalosen mouth agape in the changing room. Jalonen perhaps wondered how Justin Addamo was able to stick in front of the goal from the guard of two Finnish players.

After this, captain Anttila emerged, and after his small lateral movement, he put the puck into the net. The hit was Anttila’s ninth career in the World Cup.

– Yes, I get very excited about them. Not too many of them come in a year. It’s a great feeling. Of course, it’s sweet to score a goal in front of the home crowd, Anttila told Urheilu.

In the final set, the superiority of the Lions also finally paid off. It was Teemu Hartikainenwho scored his second goal of the Games from the middle of the square Sakari Manninen and Mikko Rantanen preliminary work.

France did not give up

However, France did not give up. Something familiar from the SM league also appeared Charles Bertrandwho shot his team into the goal from Chakiachvili’s pass.

Already in the next change, France had two chances to equalize, but Larmi withstood these situations with his goal.

Towards the end of the set, Leijon also had opportunities, but France persistently stayed in the game. Valentin Claireaux was the closest to equalizing, but Larmi fought back and covered his goal adequately.

In the final moments, France tried to narrow it down without a goalkeeper. Thus, Manninen was able to hit the puck into the empty goal.

Finland–France 5–3 (1–1, 2–1, 2–1)

01.04 0–1 Chakiachvili (Bozon, Texier)
04.37 1–1 Pesonen (Pokka, Lammikko)
23.35 2–1 Oksanen (Anttila, Friman)
28.31 2–2 Addamo (Gallet, Leclerc)
31.36 3–2 Anttila (Matinpalo)
45.22 4–2 Hartikainen (Manninen, Rantanen) yv
49.08 4–3 Bertrand (Chakiachvili, Bozon)
58.58 5–3 Manninen (Rantanen, Määttä) etc

Emil Larmi FIN 7+4+8=19
Julian Junca FRA 10+9+8=27