France arrives at 50,000 charging points for electric vehicles

France arrives at 50000 charging points for electric vehicles

France will cross the symbolic bar of 50,000 charging points open to the public by the end of 2021. A figure far from the government’s initial target of at least 100,000.

According to national barometer of charging infrastructure published by the National Association for the Development of Electric Mobility (Avere-France) and the Ministry of Ecological Transition, some 49,914 points which were open to the public on October 31, 2021. It is still very insufficient, even if it is marks an increase of 52% since the beginning of the year.

Despite an unfulfilled goal, this is unprecedented acceleration. In detail, these 49 914 charging points are distributed across 20,621 charging stations. Half (52%) of these public charging points deliver power less than or equal to 22 kW. The rest is mainly made up of terminals with a power between 22 and 50 kW. In the end, only 4% of these points offer a charging power greater than 50 kW.

With nearly 470,000 electric vehicles in circulation in France, the country therefore has on average 1 charging point for 9 vehicles, which is obviously insufficient. Note that these charging points open to the public are mainly located in car parks (37%) and that half of the motorway areas are already equipped with fast charging stations.

The authorities are nevertheless optimistic, with the objective of deploying 700,000 electric charging stations made available in public spaces by 2030. Including those installed in private homes and in condominiums, there are in total more than 6 million charging points which should be deployed in France within 10 years.