Fragpunk Announced

Netease’s new hero shooter called Fragpunk offers an innovative card-based approach to traditional mechanics. It will be released for Xbox and PC in 2025.

Fragpunk, Netease’s new game in the hero shooter genre, was introduced at Xbox Games Showcase. The game attracts attention with its unique mechanics.

Fragpunk’s Unique Approach

Fragpunk offers a different experience from traditional shooter games. Players develop their strategies by using cards that give them an advantage in battle.

In this game, cards offer players various power-ups. For example, players can hide or neutralize enemies by creating greenery.

Fragpunk pushes the boundaries of hero shooter games. It offers players a unique experience by combining traditional weapons with fantastic abilities. The game offers a visually impressive and dynamic battle environment. However, it comes at a time when gamers are looking for a breath of fresh air, given the increasing competition in the hero shooter genre.

Fragpunk will meet players on Xbox and PC platforms in 2025.