Four hours a day on the road to take your child to school, problems with student transport not yet solved

Four hours a day on the road to take your

Response from carrier Willemsen-De Koning:

“Student transport, like many other sectors in the Netherlands, is struggling with staff shortages. These problems are not new. We have been conducting large-scale recruitment campaigns for some time to attract new staff. The start of each school year always brings challenges, such as recurring problems that cannot always be prevented and last-minute registrations that sometimes challenge our planning. This requires extra effort to keep the quality of our transport at a high level. Of course, not all incidents can be prevented. But as a leading taxi company that provides student transport provides services in various municipalities in this region, we would like to emphasize that we do not recognize ourselves in the reports about complaints regarding student transport. To guarantee the quality of our transport, we are in continuous discussions with our clients. The key to success is especially in good cooperation between clients and carriers, which fortunately works very well for us.”