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Four hostages freed in Israeli operation at the same

According to the Israeli military, Hamas had kidnapped the hostages from the Nova music festival on October 7.

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The Israeli army says it rescued four hostages of the terrorist organization Hamas from the Gaza Strip on Saturday.

According to the army, the now-freed hostages attended the Nova music festival in Israel, which was attacked by Hamas in October last year.

The hostages are 22-41 years old. According to the army, the prisoners are in good physical condition. The families of the hostages have praised the liberation operation as heroic.

Israeli army spokesman of Daniel Hagar according to the rescue operation, hundreds of Israeli soldiers took part, one of whom was injured in the operation.

The army has described the operation as complex.

Hagari says the hostages were held in two houses in the al-Nuseirat district in central Gaza.

“Hundreds of people died in the Israeli attack”

The Israeli military said earlier on Saturday that soldiers were attacking a “terrorist organization” in Nuseirat.

Gaza health authorities said on Saturday afternoon that more than 200 people – among them children – were killed in the Israeli attacks in the Nuseirat area.

– The number of martyrs is at least 210. More than 400 people were wounded, says the Hamas-led Gaza media office.

A doctor working at Al Aqsa Hospital Khalil al-Dakran according to the Israeli airstrike in the area killed several and wounded dozens.

Sources: AP, Reuters, AFP

Updated 8.6. at 17:35 with victim figures