four dead in shooting in Athens suburbs

four dead in shooting in Athens suburbs

Four dead in a shooting near Athens: it broke out on the premises of a shipping company.

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With our correspondent in Greece, Joel Bronner

It’s a scene that we are more used to seeing in the United States than here, in Europe, and in this case in Greece. According to initial information, the man who opened fire this morning in Glyfada, in the southern suburbs of Athens, in the premises of a shipping company, is a former employee of the same company.

This 70-year-old ex-employee, of Egyptian nationality, had apparently been fired recently. After firing a rifle and killing three people, two men and a woman. The man then turned the gun on himself.

Completely cordoned off area

It can be recalled that the maritime transport sector is, along with tourism, one of the pillars of the Greek economy. And even before the name of the company affected by this shooting was confirmed by the police, the media here revealed this morning that it was the company European Product Carriers, founded in 1979. This maritime company is approximately 45 years old. It specializes in particular in oil and chemical tankers.

At midday, Greek politics sealed off the area around the company affected by this shooting which took place in a favored suburb in the south of the capital. A shooting which left three people dead in addition to the perpetrator.

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