Found out about the boy’s death during the prom

Found out about the boys death during the prom

Published: Just now

A 15-year-old boy was stabbed to death yesterday in Älvsjö.

He was smartly dressed and on his way to the school prom – where happiness was replaced by deep sadness.

– All of a sudden a girl screamed loudly among everyone and looked at her phone. That’s when we found out, says a school friend.

It was time for prom. One of the last days of the semester when all the high school friends would get together before they split up. Not just for the summer, but also for the last time as a class.

The young people dressed up for the evening. So did the 15-year-old. He dressed in a black suit and low heeled shoes. But he never came to the ball.

At 4 p.m., the boy was found, with his fine clothes on, badly stabbed at a gate next to an apartment building near Älvsjö station. According to the police, he was probably attacked in the stairwell or in a laundry room.

full screen Photo: Magnus Wennman

The message came at the ball

The classmates got the news a few hours later at the prom.

A girl who went to the same school as the 15-year-old tells how the news of the death hit her, and shocked her and her classmates.

– He had so many friends. There had been talk of him becoming the school’s “prom king”.

fullscreen The classmates received the news of the murder a few hours later at the graduation ball. Photo: Magnus Wennman

The students gathered

During the evening, Hägersten-Älvjö’s district administration in collaboration with the schools in the district activated a crisis support to support the students.

– We opened the youth center with specially trained staff. We also collaborate with Älvsjö AIK, the Church of Sweden and the Red Cross, says Yvonne Kokkolen, head of department at the district administration.

fullscreen Flowers and candles at the scene of the murder. Photo: Stefan Jerrevång

The crisis support will continue as long as it is needed, explains Kokkolen.

– We continue during the evening and have prepared for opening during the weekend, she says.

15-year-old suspected of murder

During Thursday evening, a boy was questioned on suspicion of murder on probable grounds.

According to information to Aftonbladet, this boy is also only 15 years old.

No later than Sunday at 12 noon, the prosecutor needs to decide whether he should be remanded in custody or released.

full screen The district administration provides crisis support for grieving classmates and relatives. Photo: Magnus Wennman

“Excited to go to the prom”

Already on Thursday evening, many Älvsjö residents had gathered at the crime scene to leave flowers.

– He was very keen to go to the ball and have fun with us. I can’t understand that he is no more. He was funny, joking, very caring and loving. You could always talk to him if you were sad, he always listened, a friend told Aftonbladet.

full screen The police work at the murder scene on Thursday Photo: Stefan Jerrevång
full screen Police technicians on site during Thursday evening. Photo: Stefan Jerrevång