Found a video on Twitter that you want to keep for offline viewing or reuse later? On computer as on mobile, you have the choice between several free solutions to download it.

Found a video on Twitter that you want to keep

Found a video on Twitter that you want to keep for offline viewing or reuse later? On computer as on mobile, you have the choice between several free solutions to download it.

On Twitter, one of the largest social networks, the publications of “twittos” (meaning Twitter subscribers) follow one another at an impressive speed. One post chases another in seconds so that your Time Line (your Twitter news feed) is constantly being updated. A principle that can be quite frustrating and make ephemeral tweets that it becomes difficult to find. If you come across a tweet with a video that you like, know that it is possible to download it before it joins the meanders of the social network. Don’t search through the Twitter options. This function does not appear in the web version through the browser, nor in the app for iOS or Android. You have to go through a web service or a second app. It’s a bit the same principle as downloading a video from YouTube as we explain here. While downloading a video from Twitter on a PC, Mac or Android device is fairly easy, iPhones and iPads are more annoying. But the operation remains possible.

There are many web services that can download a video from a Twitter post like Downloadtwittervideo, videodler or savetweetvid to only cite a few. For the demonstration, we will rely on ssstwitter which is very easy to use.

► View your Twitter feed in your usual web browser. Open the tweet that contains the video you want to save.

► Your browser’s address bar contains the URL of the tweet. Click in the address and place the input cursor between https:// and


► Now type sss in order to obtain an address in the form: and validate.


► A new page is displayed on the screen and presents the SssTwitter service. The video has already been spotted in the tweet and is ready to download. It only remains to click on one of the buttons Download placed under the thumbnail. Each generally corresponds to an image quality.


More open than iOS in many aspects, Android offers many applications through the Google PlayStore to download videos from the social network. Video Downloader for Twitter, Download Twittr Videos, Gif, Video Tweet Downloader, Download for Twitter to name a few, all work on the same principle. For the demonstration, we will use Download videos from Twitter which has the merit of being in French and is effective even if we cannot escape the advertisements in the free version.

► Start by installing the Download Videos from Twitter app on your Android smartphone or tablet

Download videos from Twitter for Android


► Then open your Twitter app on the device. View the tweet containing the video you want to recover.


► Press the button for Share located below the tweet on the right. In the palette that appears, choose the first option Share via…


► A window presents all the sharing possibilities through various apps. Select the app from the list TwoDown (it is possible that an advertisement pops up at this moment).


► The Download videos from Twitter app opens. All you have to do is click on the button To download to recover your video file.


► You can now retrieve it from the Downloads folder. Use the Google Files file manager included in Android for this.


On iOS, there is no video download app for Twitter. Apple forbids them altogether. But that does not prevent you from downloading videos that you spot on the social network through a web service.

► Open your Twitter app and display the tweet including the video you want to recover. Tap the video to play it, then tap the share arrow at the bottom right below the tweet.


► In the palette that appears, choose Copy link.


► Now open your usual mobile browser such as Safari for example. Short press in the address field and choose To stick on.


► Go back to the very beginning of the URL you just pasted by moving the cursor to the left using your finger until you place it between https:// and


► Now type sss. You then obtain an address in the form Validate by pressing To access.


► The free SssTwitter web service that we mentioned above takes over. Now choose the video format (and therefore the desired quality) and press the button Download corresponding.


► Confirm your choice by pressing To download.


► The video is immediately retrieved. Use the iOS Files app to find it on your device.