Forza Motorsport: over 500 cars and gameplay for the exclusive Xbox

Forza Motorsport over 500 cars and gameplay for the exclusive

If Forza Horizon 5’s reign over the racing game genre wasn’t obvious enough, Xbox is giving it a boost with the arrival of Forza Motorsport. A title whose ambition can make you dizzy.

Presented in detail during the Developer Direct from Xbox and Bethesda, Forza Motorsport still managed to prove to us that it existed. It must be said that there was reason to ask questions, as the game had disappeared from the radar in 2022, not appearing in any conference, any official broadcast. But that time is over ! Turn 10 Studios seems quite ready to present its new little gem to us, as evidenced by the images offered during the show at the end of January. The game is also put on its thirty-one, showing us its best attractions in the form of impressive graphics and dizzying numbers. All without giving us a precise release date. We take stock just below.

What’s new in Forza Motorsport?

If we analyze these impressive images in a little more detail, we can realize the ambition of this future racing game. Forza Motorsport presents us with more real-than-life car models under Ray-Tracing, which we can count around 500 (100 additional models compared to the previous part). The game’s 20 environments have been deeply reworked to offer more real-than-life circuits, all immersed in the soundscape that made the success of Forza Horizon 5, taking up the purring engine of each racing car as closely as possible. The game can also boast of having a dynamic weather forecast as well as some of the most famous commentators in the world, as well as, a small detail that kills, a management of the dirt on the cars more real than nature. The game is a very serious competitor to Gran Turismo 7, that’s obvious.

When will Forza Motorsport be released?

Unfortunately, if Forza Motorsport has been very talkative about its figures, it has been much less so about a specific release date. For the moment, we know that the game is scheduled for 2023, a rather vague window that we can already reduce exclusively to the end of the year (if the game was sufficiently advanced we would already have a more precise date) or even even at the beginning of 2024. Postponements are no longer foreign to the world of video games and it is always possible that a license, even as glorious as Forza, will have to postpone the release of their game. But before talking about misfortune, we can already note that the i will be released directly in the Xbox Game Pass and exclusively on PC and Xbox Series X|S.