Fortnite: Players are planning a special map farewell

In Fortnite, a large number of players are currently enjoying the old air of Chapter 1, with weapons and map changes in quick succession, but these are only short-lived. Season: OG is scheduled to end in December and that’s why the community is already planning a farewell to the old map.

What is Fortnite: OG? Fortnite is currently in one of its shortest seasons ever. This is called Season: OG and takes players back to the time when the Chapter 1 map was still new. In the few weeks in which players have the time to explore the old map, map changes will also be made quickly and old weapon metas will be unpacked in order to always provide a breath of fresh air.

Since the launch of OG, Fortnite has enjoyed a real boom in players. And so that Chapter 1 doesn’t disappear without a word when it’s time to say goodbye, fans want to properly celebrate the map at the end of Chapter 4.

Did you miss the Season: OG trailer? Then we have just the right video for you:

Fortnite: Chapter 4 Season 5 Gameplay Trailer – Back to OG

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Players are calling for a ceasefire in Fortnite

What kind of event is this? In a TikTok by Mr. Lawyer with 5.2 million views, the well-known TikToker talks about an event that is supposed to take place in Fortnite. However, this is not an official event, but rather a community event where players want to bring about a ceasefire.

Here we have included Mr. Lawyer’s TikTok video for you:

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The event is scheduled to take place on December 2nd, 2023 and will ensure that players do not fight each other, but rather can say goodbye to the map from Chapter 1 for the last time. There will be a live event at the end of Season: OG, so it’s unclear whether the Chapter 1 map could ever return.

So that players can say goodbye, fans want to lay down their weapons and explore the map peacefully one last time. It’s unclear whether the community will stick to it, as Mr. Lawyer also doubts it – but it’s still a touching idea.

Will Fortnite be deleted after Chapter 4? Even at the end of Chapter 1, there were rumors that Fortnite would be deleted, but this turned out to be unnecessary scaremongering. This time the same tricks are being pulled out again to scare long-time fans – you shouldn’t worry this time either.

Leakers have already dug up the new Chapter 5 map and know that Epic Games has big plans for Fortnite that won’t be discarded so quickly. So stay tuned for the upcoming live event and use your time to enjoy the old map from Chapter 1.

Will you take part in Fortnite’s pacifist community event or would you rather take advantage of it to destroy unsuspecting players? Let us find out in the comments!

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