Fortnite is bringing what is probably the shortest season ever – a small battle pass and a big live event

Fortnite will soon start Chapter 4, with its 5th season and it should be drastically different from its predecessors. It should be shorter, offer a smaller battle pass, but contain a large live event.

What was revealed? Two days before the release of Chapter 4 Season 5, the leak kitchen is simmering on many social networks. Upcoming Battle Pass skins and the new map will be revealed so players can prepare before the start of the “OG” season.

Everything pointed to a normal start, but now information has emerged that suggests that the upcoming Season 5 will be the shortest of its kind. In addition, the Battle Pass and its content will be halved. We’ll show you the details.

Did you miss the trailer for Season 4? Then we have just the right video for you:

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 – LAST RESORT Gameplay Trailer

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The shortest season in Fortnite ends after a month

How long should the season last? Shiina, a long-time insider and leaker in the Fortnite scene, has an accurate record when it comes to leaks. Please note that this is still a leak, but there are many indications supporting the information shared.

Each season has updates that will be released over the coming weeks. Four major updates are usually released with smaller patches in between. In the case of Season 4, there were three major updates, which is why the version number of the latest update is v26.30.

However, Shiina (via already has insight into the upcoming updates and even knows when they should be released. You can expect the following dates in Season 5:

  • New Season (v27.00): Starts on November 3rd
  • First update (v27.10): Starts November 21st
  • Final Event Final Update (v21.11): Starts November 28th
  • If these dates are correct, Season 5 would last about a month, depending on how long the event timer would go. Shiina also talks about the last update, in which there are said to be many event files. So this could be a big live event.

    The assumed shortness of the 5th season is also underpinned by the upcoming Battle Pass.

    What does the Battle Pass look like? The Season 5 Battle Pass is said to be halved (via Instead of the 100 tiers that are usual, there will only be 50 tiers and the number of skins will also be halved.

    There are currently four skins that players can get through the Battle Pass:

  • A Peely Remix skin
  • A Knight Remix skin
  • A Renegade Raider Remix skin
  • A Ragnarok Remix skin
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    The well-known Fortnite leaker Shiina shows the key art on Twitter

    The shortness of the Battle Pass could also explain the short duration of the season. It wouldn’t make sense to release a major battle pass if no one could level it to its maximum level in such a short time.

    However, it remains to be seen whether the price of the Battle Pass will also be halved. Each 100 tier Battle Pass costs 950 V-Bucks, so it would make sense for the Battle Pass to cost less.

    However, it will still take a while until the release, if you haven’t seen the new map from Chapter 4 Season 5 yet, this post would be just right for you: Fortnite: Leak shows new map from Season 5 – Fulfills the player’s wish have had for years