Fortnite Has New Update – Here’s What’s New

Fortnite Has New Update Heres Whats New

of Fortnite The latest update brings dynamic air to the game. Players now play during battle royale rounds with lightning storms and tornadoes they will have to deal with.

Fortnite, added many new features in its final season that drastically changed the course of the war. Has countless different uses The return of Quad Crashers, ATVsWe have not only seen nudes; epic, Spider-Man’s iconic web shooters, introduced a new scrolling mechanic and crazy powerful SMGs. The addition of dynamic mood continues this trend.

latest update and dynamic weather, active hurricanes and lightning storms contains. In a press release, Epic detailed these new additions and the abilities they bring to players.

Hurricanes will occur randomly on the map and players will; ascend to the sky and get away from the war; or to glide towards a target will use.

Players can jump into the water from under the storm cloud or, if possible; Climb to the highest point and increase the probability of being struck by lightning. can increase. Lightning will not strike a player twice. Once players are hit, they will not be hit again during that storm.

The new update also includes a new weapon. Like firefly jars, flare guns can burst into flames. very close playersa will start and spread fires that cause sustained damage. So how did you find the new update?

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