Forspoken gameplay video leaked

Forspoken gameplay video leaked

A week before the game’s release, Forspoken gameplay videos were leaked on many streaming platforms such as Youtube and Twitch.

Let’s say from the beginning, we do not publish the videos to avoid spoilers because they are not shared by the company. However, wanting Forspoken gameplay video can search for broadcast platforms.

Forspoken gameplay video on streaming platforms

After a publisher went live directly on PlayStation 5 this morning, other publishers started to post gameplay videos. Considering that Square Enix is ​​very selective and careful about the review code, it is necessary to consider how this move will affect the company’s ideas.

Forspoken Squire is Enix’s new RPG game, and it’s releasing for PlayStation 5 and PC. In the game, our main character Frey, who has supernatural powers, goes on a journey to save his country and its inhabitants from his life in New York with his magical powers. In the story of our hero Frey Holland, who goes to the beautiful but dangerous fantasy land of Athia, we will use our various magical powers to destroy evil.

Forspoken, which will be officially released next week, is one of the most anticipated games for 2023. The game will be officially released on January 24, 2023. What will be released only for PlayStation 5 and PC – at least on the release date – will initially come only for the PS5, specifically for the console. Already, Square Enix stated in its statements that Xbox users should not expect the game to be released on Microsoft consoles anytime soon.