Försäkringskassan demands SEK 5.2 million back

Forsakringskassan demands SEK 52 million back

Försäkringskassan has concluded that an assistance company in Gothenburg received too much in compensation. Now Försäkringskassan is demanding the full amount back, and it’s no small sum they want back.

According to a refund from Försäkringskassan, which News24 taken note of, they believe that the company received approximately SEK 5.2 million too much in compensation.

The assistance company does not understand the demand

The assistance company, on the other hand, is completely ignorant of the requirement and emphasizes that the person is at the level of a six-month-old child.

However, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency believes that it is proven that the person had improved in his condition several years ago and that the company is responsible for announcing this.