Former M summit on the election promises: “Be like a popcorn machine”

Leksand extended the winning streak beat AIK

Per Schlingmann, one of the architects behind the New Moderates who took power in 2006 together with the rest of the alliance parties, describes the 2022 election as “very special”. What stands out is that concrete election promises were presented very close to election day.

– Previously, the parties presented election manifestos quite early in the election campaign. If you as a voter wanted to feel fully informed in this election, you would almost have to have an Excel sheet that you filled in every day, says Schlingmann.

Some election promises, from the parties that today form the basis of the government, got big headlines. Among other things, electricity support before November 1, a shock reduction in the price of petrol and diesel and the abolition of amortization requirements. None have been fulfilled so far.

Is the popcorn machine a good strategy?

– No, I don’t think so and I think that it is something that several parties – but also the media – will reassess and evaluate afterwards. In the final phase of the election campaign, it was completely incomprehensible for the voters to be able to compare different proposals such as the electricity price subsidy because they are very technical in nature, says Schlingmann and adds:

– I think it is much better to present agendas that are as unified as possible, where you look at all parts of politics.