Former Fnatic ADC legend moves to T1, German streamer says it’s a ‘marketing move’

Rekkles has been one of the biggest ADC talents in League of Legends for years. According to a leak, he will now join the T1 Esports Academy team as a supporter. Twitch streamer Tolkin says it’s a marketing move. MeinMMO tells you what’s behind it.

ADC legend Carl Martin Erik Rekkles Larsson, one of the biggest personalities in the European LoL scene, is planning his return to the professional League of Legends scene in 2024, but this time not in Europe – but in Korea.

According to a leak from Sheep Esports, Rekkles will join the T1 Esports Academy team and play in the LCK Challengers League in the coming season – as a support, a role he has trained intensively for.

Who is Rekkles? With an impressive career spanning over 10 years as a professional player in League of Legends, Rekkles became an ADC legend. He played a key role for Fnatic and contributed significantly to the team’s success. In particular, in 2018 he reached the finals of the League of Legends Worlds with Fnatic.

A notable turn in Rekkle’s career came this year when he made the decision to leave Fnatic and move from the ADC position to the support position. However, this change posed challenges and Rekkles was left without a team.

Now Twitch streamer, toplaner and caster Tolkin commented on the leak. He is of the opinion that his move to T1 is primarily a marketing move.

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From ADC legend to supporter at T1

What exactly does Tolkin say? In a recent YouTube video, the League of Legends Twitch streamer and caster expressed his opinion on Rekkle’s move to T1 and his new role focus. He describes the move as wild and emphasizes that according to the verbal agreement, Rekkles comes to T1 as Esports Academy Support, but not as Main Support. So he won’t replace Keria.

He says this in his YouTube video:

Taking on Rekkles is definitely insane because Rekkles was one of the biggest faces of all time in European esports. […] A talent who was allowed to play at the highest level at a very early age and was sometimes too young to be allowed to play on the big stage. […]

Tolkin via YouTube

Tolkin sees the change more as a marketing move and a career move. He suspects the LCK Challengers League will receive more attention next year because of Rekkle’s involvement. He also emphasizes that Rekkles may not trigger the same surprise as support, but that the move will still generate interest.

Tolkin emphasized that Rekkles will not play against the best competition in the region and pointed out that at 27 years old, Rekkles is no longer one of the young talents who are scouted at the tender age of 17 and eventually make it into the main lineup.

The information is a leak and has not yet been officially confirmed. Regardless of whether Rekkles surprises everyone or not, it’s clear that his move to T1 Esports Academy will continue to keep the esports community on edge.

It remains to be seen how Rekkles will fulfill his role as support in a new team and in a new region, and whether this unusual step will ultimately lead to further success in his impressive career.

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