Forgotten adventure film with a sunken submarine from the Second World War, which is about a large treasure of gold

Forgotten adventure film with a sunken submarine from the Second

This Friday, November 3rd, 2023, Netflix is ​​getting the adventure film Black Sea in the program, who nine years ago sent a crew to explore a sunken submarine from World War II as gold prospectors. But Jude Law’s team finds more than just treasure at the bottom of the Black Sea.

What is the adventure film Black Sea on Netflix about?

Robinson (Jude Law) has worked as an experienced submarine captain for decades. He has spent the last decade carrying out undersea salvages for the Agora company. But when he is suddenly fired, he finds himself almost penniless. A friend’s winning idea is therefore just right for him. He suggests that he join one as an adventurer sunk German submarine of World War II full of Nazi gold to dive down, which is said to be off the Georgian coast.


Black Sea: Jude Law as a gold prospector

So Robinson provides one international team together to complete the adventurous expedition. The dive has to go as unnoticed as possible because Robinson’s ex-employer Agora also knows the location of the submarine, but has not yet been able to send anyone there because of the Russian-Georgian conflict that is currently raging. Unfortunately, not all team members have the same goals of a fair distribution of the gold and so the tight situation comes to a head Traitors on board under water too.

New on Netflix: Black Sea has even more stars than Jude Law on board

Jude Law plays the lead role in Black Sea, but there are other well-known actors to discover in the adventure film on Netflix: Ben Mendelsohn (Ready Player One) plays a slightly psychopathic professional diver who has just been released from prison. Scoot McNairy (Non-Stop) represents the expedition’s ominous financier on board: Lewis (Tobias Menzies from Game of Thrones). Konstantin Khabenskiy (Watchman of the Night) plays the most important Russian crew member and Jodie Whittaker (Doctor Who) plays Robinson’s ex-wife.


Black Sea: Ben Mendelsohn

The adventure film, which has just been added to Netflix, was directed by Kevin Macdonaldwho has already proven his knack for suspense as a director with films like The Last King of Scotland, The Eagle of the Ninth Legion and State of Play.

If you don’t have Netflix, you can watch the British-American co-production Black Sea also stream on WOW *.

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