Ford Otosan showed its electric truck for the first time

Ford Otosan showed its electric truck for the first time

Ford Otosan’s electric truck, which was shown at the international organization in Germany, carries messages from the future.

With the opening of the Hannover International Commercial Vehicle Fair, many important developments began to show themselves. In the organization, where previously announced models were showcased for the first time, important vehicles that were announced for the first time also take the stage. One of the important pillars of this stage is signed by Fors Otosan. Showing its Transit product range at the fair, Otosan made a big surprise and showed its electric truck project for the first time. This project, which is the first electric heavy commercial vehicle developed and produced in Turkey, contains important messages from the future.


Ford Otosan also shared its targets

Ford Trucks Deputy General Manager Serhan Turfan stated that they are continuing their global journey without slowing down with the 100 percent electric heavy commercial vehicle to be produced in Turkey and advanced technology moves towards connected and autonomous driving technologies of the future, and that they are currently in 43 countries and are planning to reach 50 countries in 2024. . In Turfan’s statements; “With our electric truck, which we launched today, we share with you not only our vision for the heavy commercial industry of the future, but also our leading position in terms of design and technology.

Today, we are one of the few brands that develops and manufactures domestic engines, transmissions and axles, as well as all drivetrains of a vehicle. We are moving forward with the support and inspiration of our current strength for the transformation that we started under the name of Generation F, which includes zero emission, connected and autonomous technologies. In 2030, we aim to generate half of our sales in Europe from zero-emission vehicles. To achieve this goal, we are here with Ford Trucks’ first electric truck, which is the result of our product development and engineering competencies.” made statements.