Ford is developing a cheap electric car platform

Ford is developing a cheap electric car platform

One of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers fordaccording to the official statement, is a cheap electric car platform is developing.

Ford, It is present in the electric car market with more than one version, but it still cannot stand out. The brand wants to change this in the future and knows very well that the key to this is to offer cheap electric vehicles to the market. According to the statement of CEO Jim Farley, it has been developing a new electric car platform internally for two years.. It is reported that this platform was developed directly with the target of low-cost and small-sized electric vehicles, and the studies “super talented” called “Skunkworks” It is stated that it is carried out by the team. The brand, which aims to be competitive under 30 thousand dollars with this platform, currently opens the door to 43 thousand dollars on the electric side. Since this and above prices are considered too high in many markets, high sales figures that will bring profitability to the brand cannot be achieved.


Ford had come up with an interesting project before this. The company, of course, like many of its competitors R&D He conducts different experiments within the scope of his work. The giant manufacturer is thinking about how to produce its vehicles more environmentally friendly and at lower costs without reducing quality. this time he focused specifically on olive trees. As far as we know today, pruning of olive trees during harvest is done annually. It creates 7 million tons of wastethis is exactly what the company wants to use.

Ford engineers in Cologne, Germany, gathered He is running a research project called COMPOLive to produce auto parts from olive branches. Within the scope of this project, they collected olive tree waste from Spain. combining with recycled plastic The research team has already succeeded in obtaining parts of durability and quality that can actually be used in vehicles. The company, which shares the video below and shows the parts it produces, said that it will be used in many of its vehicles in the future.oliveCan use ” based body parts.