Ford designs robotic charging stations for electric vehicles

Ford designs robotic charging stations for electric vehicles

electric car of course, attaches great importance to the market and takes an active part in the field. Fordalso on the charging side of the process focusing.

In this context Ford developed by Robotic charging stations special for electric vehicles have attracted attention. The giant manufacturer, who brought two different versions of it in the video he published above, is the one that provides this automatic charging connection. robotic arm based does not prepare systems for everyone. The aim of the company with these robotic charging systems is, Making life easier for physically challenged drivers. Thanks to these systems, disabled people will no longer need to make a manual charging connection after parking their vehicles at the charging station. This is very important because the charging stations opened now are generally not suitable for disabled drivers. At most currently installed charging stations There is absolutely no place to move with a wheelchair. In the meantime, other companies carry similar useful systems. One of the first examples that comes to mind in this regard is that Tesla has not yet been used. robotic charging arm system.

Fordis currently working on many different robotic systems. Robot development that brought the company to the agenda before javier and Javier was focusing directly on the 3D printing process. The giant manufacturer can now produce certain parts of some special cars using special 3D printing machines. Normally, this process needs to be followed by the personnel, the print must be taken from the machine and transported. It is precisely at this point that the manufacturer, which has developed a special system, is a wheeled robot prepared in partnership with KUKA. javier process with makes it autonomous.


The robot, which can work almost without interruption, communicates with the 3D printer and can take the parts to the desired location when the printing process is finished. In this way, the need for personnel in the 3D printing process (Except for design and file upload) significantly reduced Ford, currently uses this infrastructure for small parts.

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