Ford CEO: “There is no longer range anxiety, there is charging anxiety”

Ford CEO There is no longer range anxiety there is

Ford CEO Jim FarleyOn the electric car side, customers no longer have range anxiety, and charging anxiety has begun. stated.

People who have bought or are considering buying an electric car still have a problem. range anxiety is available. The range values ​​are still not so high that they can be forgotten compared to many models, and the concern of being stranded on the road when the battery runs out still continues. Ford CEO Jim Farley has introduced a new concept. CEO giving an interview here stated that customers no longer have range concerns, but rather charging concerns. Farley didn’t explain it exactly, but drivers are now using their electric vehicles rather than running out of range. He seems worried about not being able to find a charging station to charge it. In order to change this, they made huge investments in the USA and even made an agreement with Tesla. Ford, which will also start using charging stationsOf course, it takes these steps after feedback from customers. Meanwhile Jim Farley He also states that consumers do not want to pay high prices for electric vehicles, unlike internal combustion vehicles. ford CEO Before this, the all-electric pickup model with controversial design Tesla Cybertruck He made a remarkable statement about the The CEO, who attaches great importance to the electric car market, described Tesla Cybertruck as “A tool designed for real people” in its place “a cool high-end product parked in front of a hotel” he evaluated it as. cybertruck Silicon Valley people So at the center of everything Farley sees it as an item of desire or a technological product designed for technology enthusiasts.He said, “We don’t build such vehicles, we produce pickup models for real people doing real jobs.”