For Salvini and Valditara too many foreign students. Anief: there is a lack of Italian language teachers for non-native speakers

For Salvini and Valditara too many foreign students Anief there

(Finance) – “A cap on classes crowded with foreign students makes no sense, even more so because there is also no intervention on teaching: why aren’t specialized teachers assigned to the A023 competition class, specialized in the Italian language for foreigners, as required by law?”. He asks Marcello Pacifico, national president of Anief, intervening on the declarations of the Minister of Education Giuseppe Valditara, in favor of classes with a “majority of Italians” otherwise it would lead to “disintegration and chaos”, and in line with the deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini for whom “a 20 percent of foreigners in a class is stimulating, but when Italians are one fifth of them, how can a teacher explain?”.
According to president Aniefhowever, “it would be enough to strengthen the workforce where there is a need. In Italy – Pacifico reminds us – we have 10% of alloglot students, over 800 thousand enrolled children of foreign parents born in Italy or born abroad. But perhaps we should also remember that thanks to them some schools continue to be open, because we have to deal with the very high birth rate that is characterizing and will increasingly characterize our country, with an average of 130 thousand fewer students per year”.

In order to remove obstacles to full citizenship and guarantee full integration, the Italian State had already planned for some time the teaching of the Italian L2 language for the competition class class A023, Italian language for foreign language learners: “In 2016 – continues the leader of the autonomous union – the first 500 teachers suitable to teach in the A023 were selected, it is a pity that those positions were never included in the staff by right, useful for placements in the role, intervening only with one or two units in Italy within the CPIA, the training centers for adults. At this point – concludes Pacifico -, if Minister Valditara wants to solve the problem of classes crowded with foreign students then he would do well to strengthen the staff and ask Minister Giorgetti for significant additional numbers of teachers of specialists in the Italian language for foreigners”.