for government inauguration, Prime Minister places emphasis on employment and security

for government inauguration Prime Minister places emphasis on employment and

The new government of Prime Minister Judith Suminwa was inaugurated on Tuesday June 11, at the Palais du peuple, the seat of the Congolese Parliament in Kinshasa. The Prime Minister presented not only her government, but also her action program in front of parliamentarians who were mostly committed to the cause of power. Parliamentarians were also able to ask questions and make contributions.

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With our correspondent in Kinshasa, Patient Ligodi

Before parliamentarians, Judith Suminwa placed employment at the heart of the action of his governmentaiming to create 6.4 million jobs by 2028. The second pillar of government action is security: in addition to the army, the government wants to focus on the police.

Judith Suminwa stated that the efforts of his government will be oriented towards the financing and operationalization of actions and projects contained in the police programming law. This includes the construction of a high-level police academy, the training of new police officers, and their balanced distribution throughout the national territory.

By presenting her program and her government before the Assembly, Judith Suminwa “commits to building a better future for the Democratic Republic of Congo”

Paulina Zidi

In her program, Judith Suminwa also placed particular emphasis on justice, transport and many other projects. In the justice sector, for example, the flagship measure of his government will be to ensure optimal coverage in terms of the establishment of courts of justice and tribunals.

The government is also committed to rehabilitating and maintaining 10,000 km of agricultural service roads per year.

According to Judith Suminwa wants to “put aside what divides us, so that together we work for the general interest”

Paulina Zidi

The opposition criticizes a government elephantine » of 54 members

On the opposition side, Christian Mwando, head of the parliamentary group of the opponent Moïse Katumbi’s party, first criticized the size of the government, i.e. 54 members, which he describes as ” elephantine “. According to him, the program is just a string of good intentions already seen. He also criticized the fact that the government has placed employment as the first pillar of its action, while the country is at war.

According to the regulations, Judith Suminwa will have 4 hours to answer questions from MPs. She can request more time, if necessary before the vote.

A program in 6 pillars (job creation, purchasing power, securing the country, diversification of the economy, improvement of basic services as well as greater efficiency of public services) budgeted at 92 billion dollars in five years. An ambitious program warned Judith Suminwa.